I am a proud Agril engg. I did Engineering from College of technology which is a pioneer institute in the field of Agri Research                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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The major task of Agricultural Engineering is to apply technological and engineering tools to increase the agricultural production and efficiency, improve product quality, while preserving the quality of the environment. 

There are four major Departments in Agricultural Engg.

  1. Farm Machinery And Process Engineering
  2. Post Harvest Process And Farm Engineering
  3. Irrigation And Drainage Engineering
  4. Soil And Water Conservation Engineering

We studied different courses from all these departments. The main focus during the Degree remains on the courses from the FMP department. The reason behind this is that the companies which come for the campus interview are mainly the tractor companies so students prefer to focus on these courses. Though the first important course comes in third year.

People who haven't heard about Agricultural Engg, they feel that this is something related to plants and pesticides only. I hope above mentioned information may help you in understanding the scope and importance of this course.